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Morpheus8 RF Skin Needling

Experience a remarkable journey of rejuvenation with Morpheus8, an innovative non-surgical treatment meticulously crafted to revitalise and renew. 

Morpheus8 RF Skin Needling seamlessly combines cutting-edge skin needling with radiofrequency technology, delivering precise and non-surgical rejuvenation that stimulates collagen production and unveils stunning results.

Morpheus8 merges advanced skin needling with radiofrequency precision, harmoniously renewing your complexion without surgery.

Benefits include

  • enhanced skin tone, texture, and reduced signs of aging
  • Address discoloration, pigmentation damage, and skin irregularities, refining texture and tone
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

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Most individuals find this treatment to be tolerable as we provide a topical numbing cream and offer the option of using happy gas for added comfort during the procedure.

Absolutely, Morpheus8 can be tailored to your unique preferences, focusing on the revitalisation of different areas of the face and body. 

Typically, we recommend three sessions spaced 4 weeks apart. However, the number of sessions varies for each individual and would be discussed during your consultation. 

The downtime following a Morpheus8 treatment is generally around 7 days. However, it's important to note that many individuals are able to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

While mild redness and scabbing may be experienced, rest assured that these effects are temporary. Typically, these minor effects fade within a week, allowing you to enjoy the rejuvenating results of the treatment.