Welcome to La Belle Cosmetics®


Step into the inviting haven of La Belle Cosmetics, an exquisite aesthetic sanctuary where the artistry of interior design unfolds a tale of refined elegance and timeless allure. With each step across the threshold, a symphony of natural harmonies and opulent accents envelops your senses, interwoven with a touch of sophisticated charm.

Beneath your feet, the dance of marble and hardwood flooring guides your journey through a realm of aesthetic wonder. Aged brass accents, reminiscent of eras past, seamlessly fuse vintage charm with a contemporary sensibility that resonates deeply with the discerning aesthete. Velvet drapes cascade gracefully, their luxurious texture a testament to the attention lavished on every detail.

The signature scent that graces the air, an opulent blend of oud wood, saffron, and white rose, is an aromatic masterpiece meticulously crafted by La Belle Cosmetics. It extends an enchanting invitation to explore the treasures that await, a sensory composition developed over an artisanal span of more than six months. This fragrant marvel caresses the senses with the ethereal allure of oud wood, the delicate sophistication of saffron, and the timeless elegance of white rose.

Soft, warm lighting envelops the space, casting a gentle glow that invites you to immerse yourself in an ambiance of comfort and tranquility. It’s a vital element of the immersive experience we create, a careful orchestration of aesthetics and artistry that elevates your journey.

In the reception area, an exquisite light installation stands as a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship. Carefully crafted for La Belle Cosmetics, this installation is a work of art in itself, casting a captivating illumination that welcomes you with a touch of grandeur and sophistication. It’s a visual masterpiece that echoes the opulence and attention to detail found throughout our space.

Amidst this opulent design, delicate orchid flowers are thoughtfully placed, chosen for their timeless beauty and symbolism of luxury. These orchids serve as a visual representation of our commitment to providing you with the utmost elegance and sophistication.

Our clinic’s design journey spanned almost two years, a meticulous process that allowed us to perfect every element before opening our doors. We wanted to ensure that the environment we created truly reflected the essence of La Belle Cosmetics— an oasis of beauty, sophistication, and tranquility.


Every facet of this design narrative bears the mark of Alicia Xiberras Interiors, a visionary whose touch has transformed this space into a haven of aesthetic refinement. Elegance and charm radiate from every corner, a testament to the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and artistry. A retreat where you can fully engage your senses, celebrate your inner beauty, and luxuriate in the enchantment of La Belle Cosmetics — an aesthetic sanctuary that offers you a reassuring embrace, subtly elevating your experience.

Photography by The Palm Co.