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FormaV introduces a women’s health technology complemented by Kegel exercises, which bolster pelvic floor muscle tone. 

This treatment delivers uniform RF heating to internal vaginal tissue, addressing vulvar laxity and labial hypertrophy externally.

This versatile and non-invasive treatment offers customised solutions for clients:

  • Comfortably provides uniform and deep tissue heating for remodeling.
  • Indicated for enhancing muscle tone and promoting improved blood flow.
  • Can be used both internally and externally, providing fast initial results with continuous improvements over time. 

Employing deep tissue heating, this treatment targets vaginal moisture, muscle relaxation, and pH balance. It addresses sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, circulation issues, and urinary incontinence. FormaV also supports firming loose tissue to stimulate vaginal tightening.

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FormaV is a non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime. Most individuals can resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure.

The recommended number of FormaV sessions can vary. While some individuals may achieve desired results after a single session, others may benefit from a series of treatments for more pronounced and long-lasting improvements. It's best to consult with our practitioners to determine the ideal treatment plan for your specific concerns.